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About Luxury Vinyl

Durable Style That's All-Around Easy

Why Choose Luxury Vinyl?

Style to Fit
Your Budget

With luxury vinyl plank, tile, or sheet vinyl, you can opt for a high-end look without a high-end price tag. Our wide selection of hardwood and stone looks can give any room—even a bathroom, utility room, or mudroom—the upgrade it deserves.

Another Level
of Comfort

Luxury vinyl is soft and keeps a constant temperature in all seasons, so it’s comfortable to walk on barefoot. It can even ease long periods of standing, making it a great option for the kitchen.

Durable &

Luxury vinyl boasts outstanding performance: it withstands spills, scuffs, and even scratches from family pets. Its tight, waterproof fit and resilient surface make for easy cleanup that won’t damage your subfloors.

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You can install luxury vinyl over a variety of subfloors. The surface must be clean, smooth, flat, solid, and dry before you begin.

Remove all furniture, appliances, and wall and doorway trim beforehand. Base cabinets must be installed beforehand.

For the best look, install planks parallel to the longest wall and parallel to windows or other outside light sources, if possible.

Vinyl Flooring Installation

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Care & Maintenance

Care & Maintenance

Did You Know?

Long periods of exposure to direct sunlight can cause fading. Use blinds or drapes to protect your luxury vinyl flooring and extend its life.

Vinyl Care & Maintenance