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ArmorMax Hardwood

You'll Love the
Way it Wears.


The Ultimate Wear Protection for Hardwood Floors

Your beautiful hardwood floors are an investment in your home. Protect your investment with the most advanced hardwood finish that offers unmatched wear resistance and stain protection—ArmorMax™. Unlike topical finishes, ArmorMax finish penetrates deep into the wood fiber, making it up to five times more wear resistant than other extended finishes. ArmorMax’s built-in surface shield repels stains, resists wear, and makes cleaning easy.

  • Superior Durability. Hardwood with ArmorMax finish is up to five times more wear resistant than similar products.
  • Superior Performance. Built-in surface shield repels liquids so soil and dust are unable to attach to the floor surface.
  • Easy Maintenance. ArmorMax finish makes cleanup a breeze and keeps your hardwood floors looking new longer.

Wear Protection

Stain Protection


ArmorMax Protection

ArmorMax in Extraordinary Situations

Even ordinary homes deserve extraordinary performance. In this compilation video see the ultimate protection of ArmorMax.

Have it all with ArmorMax

" With ArmorMax, I don’t worry about spills, stains, or simply living everyday life on my floors. I love getting to relax in my home "

Wear Protection


ArmorMax finish contains ultra-fine grains of aluminum oxide that penetrate deep into the wood fiber, creating a smooth finish with outstanding durability against repeated wear and resistance to everyday scratches and scuffs.

Up to 5X More Wear Resistant

Hardwood with ArmorMax finish performs up to five times better than ordinary wood floors in industry abrasion tests. ArmorMax hardwood can withstand up to 2,700 revolutions compared to only 630 revolutions from the leading competitor.

The Taber Abrasion Test

A Finish You Can Count On

ArmorMax makes a difference you can see. In the industry standard Taber Abrasion Test, it took 2,700 cycles to wear through the ArmorMax finish. With superior durability, stain resistance, and style in every ArmorMax product, you’ll love the way it wears.

50-Year Warranty

Superior Finish
Maximum Warranty

ArmorMax is the ultimate hardwood floor finish and the best way to protect your hardwood flooring from wear and stains. That’s why Mohawk hardwood flooring with ArmorMax is backed by a 50-year finish limited warranty that includes stain resistance.

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