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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Can I buy a Mohawk carpet direct from the factory?

    Mohawk believes that carpet is a custom installed product for each consumer and installation. An Authorized Mohawk Retailer is trained to provide advice on the type of product suited to your lifestyle, to assist you in selecting the proper underlayment (carpet cushion), and to arrange for proper installation by trained installers. Therefore, Mohawk does not sell residential carpet direct to individuals.

  • 2. Can I install Mohawk Hardwood Flooring over radiant heat?

    Yes, Mohawk Engineered & Longstrip (glueless) Hardwood Floors are suitable for installing over a radiant heated concrete slab. Caution: The slab surface must never exceed 85 degrees F in temperature. Before installing over a radiant heated floor, turn off heat and wait until the floor has reached room temperature. After installing the floor return the heat to the previous setting.

  • 3. What is carpet twist?

    Carpet twist is the number of turns put in the carpet fiber or yarn. Almost all carpets have twisted yarns. As a general rule, the more twist or turns on a fiber, the better performance you can expect. Yarns that are twisted tighter have a different “feel” than those that are less tight.

  • 4. What could be causing cracks to appear in ceramic floor tiles?

    There is always a remote possibility of an individual fractured tile, usually caused by not being bonded properly and then being impacted by an object dropping on it. That type of fracture is repaired by replacing the damaged tile. A sure rule of thumb to determining the problem: if the crack goes from one tile to another on a continuous line through the grout joint, the problem, without any doubt, is in the substrate; usually a crack in the slab. The damaged tile would have to be removed, a crack isolation membrane put down and the tile reinstalled; which should solve the problem.

  • 5. Can pets damage my new laminate floor?

    Yes, it is possible for dogs and cats to damage any type of flooring, including laminate flooring. Although Mohawk Laminate Floors are extremely durable they can be scratched by untrimmed pet claws. Keeping dogs and cats claws trimmed will help your floor look beautiful for many years.

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